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Patients Day

Our HRC2015 Patients Day will be taking place on Sunday 4 October at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Birmingham UK.

Patients Day provides an opportunity for patients and carers to meet and liaise directly with medical professionals, to pose relevant questions and gain a greater insight into developing technologies and techniques regarding their condition.

Below are the agendas from our HRC2014 Patients Day, which took place on Sunday 5 October:

A-A Patients Day

Chair: J Maloney (Sheffield UK), L Wood (Stratford-upon-Avon UK)
10:00 Welcome to A-A Patients Day   L Wood
Stratford-upon-Avon UK
10:05 Diagnostic testing for Long QT, Brugada and WPW   M Cooklin
London UK
10:25 Device implant and lifestyle implications - a practical guide to potential restrictions   J Maloney
Sheffield UK
10:45 Questions      
11:00 Break      
11:15 Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (IST)
> Information, explanation, medication and reassurance
  K Rajappan
Oxford UK
11:45 The arrival and availability of revolutionary cardiac devices to help you in 2014
> New implantable cardiac monitors, retrievable leadless pacemakers, S-ICD and AliveCor heart monitor
  N Linker
Middlesbrough UK
12:15 Questions      
12:30 Lunch      
Chair: K Rajappan (Oxford UK)
13:30 Supraventricular Tachycardia Syndrome/AVNRT; Ventricular Tachycardia
> Standards and treatment models, including ablation
  F Osman
 Coventry UK
13:55 Ectopic beats vs. palpitations
> What is the difference; are they really harmless? All you need to know
  P B Lim London UK
14:15 Questions      
14:30 How do we assess the risk of SCA in athletes - managing the risks of SCA   M Lowe
London UK
15:00 Questions      
15:15 "Can you afford not to have an AED in your school, village, sports club?"   T Lobban
Stratford-upon-Avon UK
15:30 Questions      
15:45 Close      

AF-A Patients Day

Chair: J Jerrome (Bristol UK), G Thomas (Bristol UK)  
10:00 Welcome and introduction   J Jerrome
Bristol UK
10:05 Atrial fibrillation & atrial flutter - what are the differences & can I have both?   K Rajappan Oxford UK
10:20 Cardioversion - short or long term solution?   C Pepper
Leeds UK
10:40 Catheter ablation - the recovery process & what to expbect   M O'Neill
London UK
11:00 Taking control of your AF   T Lobban
J Morgan
Stratford-upon-Avon UK
Southampton UK
11:15 Break      
11:30 The potential influence of the vagus nerve in AF   N Gall
London UK
11:55 Improvements in the treatment of AF - looking forward   C Pepper
Leeds UK
12:15 Question Time
12:45 Lunch      

Discussion Tables

Patients will be split into 2 groups with the faculty members rotating for each topic as per the session times below:
> Session 1: 13:45-14:15
> Session 2: 14:15-14:45
> Session 3: 14:45-15:15
> Session 4: 15:15-15:45
The Psychological impact of an AF diagnosis & ways to cope   G Thomas
Bristol UK
Travelling with AF & INR monitoring   M Fay Bradford UK
Enhancing your patient voice
  E McRandal
London UK
Anticoagulation therapy   S Murray

Newcastle UK

15:45 Summary/call to action and thanks      
16:00 Close


STARS Patients Day

Chair: R Sutton (Monte Carlo MCO)  
10:00 Welcome to STARS Patients Day   T Lobban
Stratford-upon-Avon UK
10:05 My journey to find effective help   E Birch-Ruffell
Kent UK
10:20 How to find help in the UK
  M Fay
Bradford UK
10:35 T-LoC Clinics   J Mudd
Middlesbrough UK
10:50 When a Consultant can make a difference
  T Salukhe
London UK
11:15 Break      
11:30 Round table discussion: "When do I know I am in the right place for me?"
12:30 Comments and observations      
12:45 Lunch      
Chair: R Sheldon (Calgary CA)
13:30 What causes younger people to faint?   W Wieling
Amsterdam NL
14:00 Combatting fits and falls in the elderly
  S Parry Newcastle UK
14:30 What works best to help people who faint?   N Gall
London UK
15:00 What causes POTS?   S Raj  Nashville USA
15:45 Questions      
16:00 Close      


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